The Dionysian is an elusive Malkavian methuselah, rumored to be over 3000 years old.


In ancient nights, the Dionysian was a famous divine impersonator of the Greek god Dionysus. He, along with the twin "Orphic brothers", suborned the Bacchanalian mystery cults of old Greece and succeeded in gaining a fringe following among mortals. The Dionysian himself claims to have been part of the Eleusinian Mysteries guiding the masses in their rites to return Persephone to the Underworld, but he has been repeatedly known to lie.

During the Second Baali War (circa 1500 BCE), the Dionysian and the bacchante joined forces with Set, Menele, Balthazar, the Gangrel of the steppes, the Lasombra and Toreador of Africa, and most of the elders of Europe to lay siege to the Baali city of Knossos on Crete. The war against Shaitan and his followers was waged for 9 nights and days, until the sea around Crete was stained red with blood, and the Followers of Set used their blood magic to cause the event known as the Minoan eruption.

Other accounts say he also took part in another important battle: the fall of Carthage in 149 BCE. By crossing the walls of the city and using his power to cause great riots throughout the entire grounds, the Dionysian forced the defenders of the city to go mad and Frenzy as he walked from wall to wall.

Many different tales have been told about him; they say he is of divine blood and blessed by the gods with divine madness. They say that he walked many Roads before choosing Sin, that he tries to break static reality. That he can travel to Arcadia by force of his own power and that he has a haven there. That his laughter drew his clanmates to the Great Prank – the ritual to cut off Dementation from the Camarilla-aligned Malkavians.

In modern nights, Malkavian neonates report that they received aid from him in the early nights of their unlives in order to support the rigors of their selective shattering psyches. He is supposedly looking for a special Malkavian (or Malkavians) who can lead the clan to the next level of enlightenment. The Dionysian sees the comrades of his clan as the secret to restoring hope and magic to the world.


While the Dionysian claims to have guided the kine of Ancient Greece in their rites to return Persephone to the Underworld, the one who actually did that was a 5th generation Prince of Athens, a Cappadocian also known as Dionysius.


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