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The technocratic equivalent of the Sphere of Spirit, Dimensional Science, sometimes simply "DimSci", allows access through the Umbra, as well as control of Umbrood and spirits.

Technocratic differences

though the effects are the same, the tradition's Sphere and the technocratic Dimensional Science differ in nearly every other aspect.


DimSci is evoked in two primary methods: Space Travel and Entity Contact. The Void Engineers hold near exclusive ownership of space technology, often providing (or withholding) transportation to the realms for other conventions. Each convention has its own contact protocols, however, summoning Alien AI to power massive supercomputers, or illiciting extraterrestrial biology for their splicing algorithms.

Standard Powers

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    • EDE Scan: Perceive the presence of extra-dimensional entities.
    • Evaluate Gauntlet: Determine the local Gauntlet rating.
    • Map Dimnesional Region: Determine essential domain of a pocket dimension.
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    • Modify Dimensional Gauntlet: Allows the specialist to adjust up or down the thickness of the Gauntlet. If it rating reaches zero the Gauntlet is dissolved for one scene.
    • Transdimensional Field: Allows the specialist to manipulate objects in a subdimension without suffering harm.
    • Dimensional Vibration: The specialist can send out signals across the Dimensional Barrier to communicate with other specialists or with EDEs.
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    • Dimensional Shift: Step sideways into a subdimension.
    • Manipulate Paraphysical Phenomena: Allows for the manipulation of Ephemera.
    • Phase Disruption Field: Create a field that disables, harms or disrupts an EDE
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    • Alter Dimensional Topography: Opens a breach into a dimensional realm without incurring the Dimensional Anomaly
    • Dimensional Gateway: Creates a large gateway that people can pass through but the Gauntlet rating must be reduced to zero or the effects of the Dimensional Anomaly will occur.
    • Stabilize Dimensional Field: Prevent Void Adaptation.
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    • Anthropic Field: Creation an Anthropic Field for protection.
    • Breach Spatial Horizon: Allow entry past both Horizons into the Deep Universe
    • Cosmogenesis: Create a Horizon Construct with appropirate other Spheres.

The Gauntlet

Since Dimensional Science relies on the Consensus, the effect of the gauntlet is somewhat lopsided. Technocratic labs devoted to Dimensional Science are as open to the technocrat as the deepest wilderness to a dreamspeaker (difficulty 3), but the opposite effect is also true, the dreamspeaker would be hard pressed to conjour even a simple spirit in the technocratic sterility, and the technocrat would find it impossible to peirce the gauntlet without the sophisticated equipment and controlled circumstances of his lab. Additionally, the presence of large numbers of sleepers, who view dimensional portals as impossible, has it's effects on DimSci.

Area Technocratic


Successes Tradition


Tradition Node 9 Five 3
Deep Woods 8 Five 5
Urban Areas 7 Five 7
Downtown 8 Five 8
Technocratic Labs 3 one 9
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