See also: Digital Web (first edition) and Digital Web (realm)
Written by: Phil Brucato, Jennifer Clodius, Roger Gaudreau, Jesse Heinig, S. John Ross, Jaymi Wiley
Original Digital Web Concepts by: Phil Brucato, Heather Curatola, Daniel Greenberg, Harry Heckel and Darren McKeeman
Resource Assistance by: Bruce Baugh, Richard Dansky, Bryant Durrell, Geoffrey Grabowski
Developed by: Phil Brucato
Edited by: Cary Goff
Art Director: Lawrence Snelly
Layout & Typesetting: Katie McCaskill
Art: Scott Baxa, Leif Jones, Karl Kerschl, Rob Stotz, Andrew Trabbold
Front Cover Art: Bill Sienkiewicz
Front & Back Cover Design: Katie McCaskill
Special Thanks to:

Ed "11:30 Spice" Hall, for pitchin' a hitch.
Greg "Prodigy Spice" Fountain, for smackin' his hitch up.
Jesse "Aryan Spice" Heinig, for sufferin' a deficiency of negritude.
Justin "Hateful Spice" Achilli, for gettin' bitch-smacked up.
Mark "Floaty Spice" Cenczyk, for flyin' South for the Summer.
Laurah "Fluffy Pup Spice" Norton, for diggin' the Vile Punks.
Jane "Toastie Spice" Palmer, for being the Best Woman.
Carl "Beastie Spice" Bowan, for statin' up da crittaz.
Rich "Pool Fu Spice" Dansky, for gettin' that sinking feeling.
Cynthia "Scratchy Spice" Summers, for sharin' Rich's sinking feeling.

Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: October 1998
Pages: 136
Publication #: WW 04016
Reference #: ISBN 1-56504-426-6
Online: Bullet-rpg
Price: PDF: $9.60

Digital Web 2.0 is a sourcebook for Mage: The Ascension Second Edition and the sequel to Digital Web. It covers the fantastic new Zone of the Digital Web and the events since the horrific "whiteout".


From the White Wolf catalog:

Cyberpunk is Dead!
Not so very long ago, a tragedy opened the doorway to a realm of impossibilities, a new creation where thought was power.
More recently, the Virtual Adepts and their Technocratic rivals have waged a subtle war to control this magnificent Zone.
Barely a year ago, a massive crash wiped the system, thrashed hundreds of Webspinners, and reduced years of work to ruin.
The Future is Today.
The old world is dead. Reality 2.0 is waiting. Turn on, jack in, and get your ass online!


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