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Digital Web is a sourcebook for Mage: The Ascension first edition detailing the Realm of the Digital Web and the mages and Sleepers who use it.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Silken Threads of Thought...
Between the keyboard and the mind lies the Digital Web, a Net of virtual reality spinning in an endless loop of format and creation. Fed by Quintessence and shaped by the Awakened, this unexplored Realm of living thought forms the newest frontier in the Ascension War.
Weave Tapestries of Reality
The Traditions, Nephandi and Technocracy wage a covert war for this new reality – a war hedged by the guidelines of the Realms and haunted by the threat of "whiteout." Wise mages tread cleverly and carefully.
Digital Web is a sourcebook for Mage: The Ascension, covering the vast expanse of the VR Net. This book includes:
  • New rules for the virtual reality Realms, including magick ratings, formatting, combat and "whiteout," the systems crash caused by Paradox.
  • The Spy's Demise, a BBS speakeasy where Sleepers and Cybernauts chat, conspire and plan.
  • Two ready-to-run tales set in the Net Realms, plus crossover suggestions for Werewolf and Vampire.


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