Diane Thayer is one of the Dreamers, individuals who, after having been kidnapped and subliminally conditioned, began to recognize and fight off the programming.


We all make mistakes. I just recognize you’ve made more than your fair share.

An elderly black woman in her seventies, Thayer has seen the deaths of several presidents at this point (and believes she may have been the cause of at least one such death). Originally born and raised in Michigan, she woke up one day on the California I-5 in a stolen Chevy with a loaded revolver and several hundred dollars in unmarked bills. She spent the next several years piecing together what happened to her, fighting off her conditioning.

Though she has considered herself retired from whatever fight her handlers wanted her to be part of, she has recently begun to lose time again — and she fears it is the programming rather than just senility. In light of this, Thayer is determined to seek out whoever changed her and take revenge before it is too late.

Character Sheet

Virtue: Determined
Vice: Vengeful
Aspirations: Find a new vehicle for her revenge, Commit revenge, Find lost time
Note: Diane is an elderly woman who takes great pains to take care of herself. Even with elite sleeper assassin training hardwired into her brain, age has finally started to catch up with her body. She’s not likely to go very far outside of her usual routine. It is fully up to the Storyteller if her age makes her an easy mark for the kind of person who kills grandmothers, or if 30 years of learning to harness her programming makes her capable of taking down entire SWAT teams.


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