Diana Blandel is a Dauntain Troll Wilder.

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The first girl to wear a bra among her playmates, Diana has always been more physically advanced than the other girls. She stood a full two feet over them. In her class pictures, she was always the first to be placed... in the very back. Her classmates called her "Wonder Woman," not kindly. In junior high, she had to learn to defend herself from bullies that picked on her because of her differences. In high school, no one asked her to the prom. She became anorexic during her senior year of high school, believing on some level she could reduce her size by not eating. She nearly died. Her parents checked her into a psychiatric hospital where she received the treatment she needed. Dian recovered, but her personal ghosts were never entirely exorcised.

Diana Chrysalised in college. It came as quite a shock to her and she experienced a severe setback with her self-confidence. Despite her hatred for what she was, she began to blossom physically. Her youthful gangliness turned to healthy strength and beauty. Diana, disgusted by her own form, turned to her studies as a means of escape. She buried herself in her books, completing her bachelor's and master's degrees within five years.

She studied and later taught anthropology at Boston University. Single-mindedly, she pursued knowledge of how and why people acted the way they did. Diana delved into cultural and racial differences, hoping to discover some pattern or meaning in her own past. She didn't find the answers, however, until she met Ryder. Over one lunch conversation, he brought it all together for her. She accepted her curse and vowed to fight at his side against the evil that had invaded her and many others throughout the world. Her self-consciousness turned to fanatical anger at the disease that had infected her, ruining her entire life. She became one of the Dauntain.

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Diana Blandel

A blond amazon of a woman, Diana stands just over six feet tall in mortal form. Her Scandinavian features reflect the strength and ruggedness of her ancestors. Wide and symmetrical, her lips are her most attractive feature. Their gentle curve adds softness to her otherwise harsh features and expresses her inner vulnerability. Even her eyes, a slate blue, seem to pierce their target.

In her fae mien, she could intimidate a room full of redcaps. Diana seems to grow several inches in height and her body bulks up. She wears chimeric steel armor over a supple leather body suit, sleeveless to reveal the powerful muscles in her arms. Her most hated feature is a pair of horns protruding from her forehead. She views them as proof that she is tainted by the blood of demonspawn.

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