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Dhaunae was presented as a member of the V20 Cast in the Grand Masquerade 2011 program as follows: "Loyalty, strength and ultimate dedication. That's what the indomitable Ms. De Vir has been to the Vampire: The Masquerade community this year. She joined us in Atlanta to pose as Tremere, coming all the way over from the UK on her own to do so. She's been an incredible value to all of us. We're all pretty sure that at this rate we'll be working for her pretty soon."

Dhaunae also spearheaded the V20 Europe project, which began as an effort to bulk-order copies of V20 for European fans, but evolved into an effort to convince White Wolf to invest more support in Europe. She has helped to develop the European WoD community further and also given a hand to the Latin American one.

Dhaunae is the founder and CEO of Biblioteca Oscura , the publishing company for the V20, W20 and V20DA lines in Spanish. The crowdfunding campaigh to publish Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary in Spanish received a warm support from the fan community and became the fifth most successful crowdfunding in Spain of all time.

In September 2014, Dhaunae organised and produced the V20Mad event ("Celebración del mecenazgo del V20") in Madrid with over 1,200 registered attendees, expert panels (including Justin Achilli, Father Sebastiaan and Pavel Shepan), a Sabbat LARP for 600 players, and a party with performers and DJ Achilles.

Dhaunae's official contributions for White Wolf include the following:


  • 2014: VLM: Polvo al Polvo
  • 2014: VLM: Storyteller Screen (Spanish translation)
  • 2014: VLM: Vampiro: La Mascarada 20º Aniversario

Foreword Contributor



Special Thanks

  • 2003: EOV: Dark Ages: Europe (Spanish translation): Daphne, for her invaluable work of advice, assessment and review. [Note: Daphne was Dhaunae's nickname on the Internet at that time.]
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