Dharma Book: Thrashing Dragons is a sourcebook for Kindred of the East .

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Dance the Dance of Life
They call us the Green Devils, unliving monsters who drink deeply of life in all its twisted ways. We dance like the raging dragon and flow like the teaming river. We never stop, for to stop is to die. In all this we do tear down the walls between us and the Mandates of Heaven and Hell. Only the brave can join us. Are you worthy?

Tear Away the Illusion of Death
Dharma Book: Thrashing Dragons is the fourth Dharma Book for Kindred of the East. It is a complete guide to playing the lush and sensual Cathayans who follow the dance of Yang. The secrets of predatory enlightenment await within, along with many new rites and powers, prominent characters and new facts about the Asian World of Darkness.

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Pulling Out the Pin (Introduction) Edit

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Tiger's Claws, Dragon's Teeth (Rules & Advice) Edit

Young Lions (Templates) Edit

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