Dharma Book: Thousand Whispers is a sourcebook for Kindred of the East .

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Wear a Thousand Broken Masks

We live among the breathing masses, learning from our many lives like the centipede learns from its steps. Each brings us closer to the Hundred Clouds, and each is forgotten when it is over. We are an enigma, but also an answer. We are all things and nothing. Can you be one of us?

End a Thousand Broken Lives

Dharma Book: Thousand Whispers is the latest Dharma Book for Kindred of the East. It is a complete guide to playing the enigmatic chameleons of the Middle Kingdom. The secrets of the Broken Mask Technique, in which a vampire lives mortal lives, await within, along with many new rites and powers, prominent characters and new facts about the Asian World of Darkness.

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Manga: A Thousand Cuts Edit

Leaving No Trace (Overview) Edit

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Becoming Nobody (Organization) Edit

Wearing the Mask (Rules & Advice) Edit

Like Wind and Water (Templates) Edit

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