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Author: Bruce Baugh (Manga, Excerpts from "The Library of Mona Ying, Systems & Advice, Templates, Appendix) and Emily Desner-Thornber (Introduction, Excerpts from "Reflections of Frogs and Butterflies").
Vampire and the World of Darkness created by Mark Rein•Hagen
Storyteller Game System created by: Mark Rein•Hagen
Development by: Philippe R. Boulle
Mind's Eye Theatre Adaptations: Bruce Baugh
Mind's Eye Theatre Developer: Cynthia Summers
Editor: Diane M. Piron-Gelman
Art Direction: Brian Glass
Layout and Typesetting: Kieran Yanner
Art: Steve Ellis, Michael Gaydos, Mike Huddleston, Jennifer Quick, Ross Takasugi, Melissa Uran
Front Cover Art: Melissa Uran
Front and Back Cover Design: Kieran Yanner
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Published: 2002
Pages: 96
Product number: WW2908
Reference Number: ISBN 1-58846-221-8
PDF: Bullet-rpg
Price: $8.99 (PDF)

Dharma Book: Resplendent Cranes is a sourcebook for Kindred of the East .

Summary Edit

Seek out Righteous Law
The world is a corrupt and vile place and only harsh virtue has a chance of surviving. We are the Shinning Ice Guardians, forgoing pity to stand firm against sin. We walk the Eight Lotus Path and will drag the world back into the glory of the First Age no matter the cost.

And Bring Virtue to Devils
Dharma Book: Resplendent Cranes is the fifth and final Dharma Book for Kindred of the East. It is a complete guide to playing the harsh and wise leaders of the Hungry Dead. The details of the harrowing Eight Lotus Path await, along with many new rites and powers, prominent characters and new facts about the Asian World of Darkness

Chapters Edit

Manga: The Return Edit

Order is Principle (Introduction) Edit

The Mandate of Heaven (Philosophy & Belief) Edit

Principles of Peace (Practices and Outlooks) Edit

The Benefits of Splendor (Systems & Advice) Edit

The Righteous Young (Templates) Edit

Appendix: Masters and Worthies Edit

Background Edit

Characters Edit

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