Dharma Book: Bone Flowers is a sourcebook for Kindred of the East .


Hear the Song of the Shadow

They know the secrets of the Underworld. The lands of the living hold no mysteries for them, nor do the realms of the Yama Kings. They are the Bone Flowers, and they know everything about you, too. But now you have the chance to learn everything about them.

Learn the Secrets of Darkness

Dharma Book: Bone Flowers is the second Dharma Book for Kindred of the East™. It contains all of the hidden knowledge of the Song of the Shadow, from rituals and rites to secret agendas regarding the other dharmas. Once you have glanced inside, you'll never listen to the Song of the Shadow the same way again.


Manga: Behold the Pillar

Introductory fiction

The Stillness of Shadows (Overview)

The Instruction of Masahiro (Culture & Philosophy)

The Many Quiet Ways (Structure)

Bones and Shadows (Rules & Advice)

Masks in the Darkened Theater (Templates)

Appendix: Perfect Masters



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