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Dewey St. John Flanders is a Wilder Seelie Satyr with an all-engaging love of the Sidhe.


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Many commoners respect and honor the sidhe; Dewey worships them. Of course, being a satyr, he's terribly fond of sidhe beauty, but he is also a strong admirer of the propriety of sidhe leadership. As a staunch conservative in the Parliament of Dreams (and he actually prefers to be considered a Traditionalist, to use a sidhe term), he points to the many accomplishments the Shining Host have made both before the Shattering and after the Resurgence. Where would the Kithain be without the Peace of Concordia? Haven't dozens, nay, hundreds of lost freeholds and trods been discovered because of the sidhe's return? Is not the will of the Dreaming apparent from their victory in the Accordance War? In the Parliament, Dewey is known as a shrewd politician and a master of the filibuster; his words are as fine as his deep-timbered voice.

What Dewey doesn't know is that he has drawn the enmity of the Ranters and the respect of the Catacomb Club, at least according to Crazy Aeddie, a self-proclaimed member of the Shadow Court. The latter may attempt to recruit Dewey if he were to be ennobled; many members of the Club think its only a matter of time. The Ranters, though, find him disgusting and the worst of fawning, conservative commoners. Dewey had best watch out because members of either of these two groups would have good reason to make contact with him: to proposition him or set him up for a fall.

Dewey St. John Flanders is the author of The Right Honourable Place: A History of the Parliament of Dreams.


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