The Devil's Eye is a Tier 3 Conspiracy in Vampire: The Requiem, first detailed in The Danse Macabre. It can be considered a more specialized form of the Ordo Dracul.


Like the Ordo Dracul, the Devil's Eye works to become better vampires. Unlike the Ordo Dracul, however, their goal is not unending metamorphosis into an elated state, but a concrete way to throw off the restrictive Banes of vampirekind, with the possibility of finding a way to share it with every other vampire. To this end, they abduct and experiment on Kindred, as well as mortals and stranger creatures, like werewolves and changelings. As a hidden conspiracy, they work covertly, mainly interacting with the Danse Macabre through brainwashed victims referred to as the "Good Patients".

The Devil's Eye practices the Coils of the Dragon, but calls them the Coils of the Devil. They see themselves as the Dragon's eyes in this world, whom they refer to as Dracul. If Dracul is the same being as Dracula, it has not revealed itself to its own Order. On occasion, he appears to oversee an operation or experiment.


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