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Deviants, also called "the Remade" or "the Broken" are mortals who were transformed into something both more and less than human in a process called Divergence. They are the protagonists of Deviant: The Renegades.

Groups of Deviants are called cohorts.


What exactly causes a human to become a Deviant is largely unknown. Most often a conspiracy entices or forces a victim into Divergence, but self-inflicted and accidental Divergences are not unheard of.

Regardless of what the process of Divergence is, it always causes irreparable damage to the Deviant's soul. Thus, the Broken are unable to go back to a truly normal life, as their cracked souls prevent them from self-actualization. Instead, they are driven toward conflict, hungering for revenge against those who would exploit them, and for the companionship they can no longer easily achieve.

A damaged soul also invites Instability. A Deviant always runs the risk of his Scars worsening and further distancing him from humanity. Allowing Instability to progress too far is invariably fatal.


The life of a Deviant always has the presence of conspiracies. Many rebel against these conspiracies, choosing to become Renegades. Others accept a life of subservience to a conspiracy, becoming Devoted instead.

A Renegade lives under the constant threat of pursuit. Conspiracies, whether they created the Deviant or just want to use her, are always watching and waiting for the right moment to move in. Renegades must go between hiding from the conspiracies and fighting back against them. Even if a Deviant brings down a conspiracy, however, the Web of Pain ensures another will inevitably takes its place. The Devoted, on the other hand, live in service to a conspiracy. They may be kept imprisoned under maximum security, or they may have a relative amount of freedom. Some may even have positions of power within the conspiracy. Regardless, every Devoted is watched carefully for signs of betrayal.

Unlike most supernatural beings, Deviants don't tend to form larger factions. It's too risky for Renegades to come together in large groups while attempting to avoid the Web of Pain, and the need for secrecy and privacy prevents many Deviants from communicating with each other. The size of the average cohort is about the limit of comfort for most Renegade groups. Deviants that do manage to form a large group almost always end up turning into a conspiracy of their own and becoming part of the Web of Pain.

Conviction and Loyalty

A Deviant must define herself by her relation to others. The two Anchors of Conviction and Loyalty serve as both personal centers and goals. A Deviant always feels anger and vengefulness at his Conviction Touchstones, and he always feels comforted and protective toward his Loyalty Touchstones.

Working toward these Touchstones helps stave off Instability and helps the Deviant progress toward her goals. Failing to act in accordance with the Touchstones causes the Deviant to falter, and makes Instability harder to avoid.

Variations and Scars

Every Deviant bears at least one Scar, a mental or physical sign of their damaged soul. These can range from mild inconveniences to crippling weaknesses, but they have a definite effect on the Remade's life. For instance, a Deviant may need to eat batteries to fuel his powers, while another Deviant goes into a catatonic state when she hears a certain melody.

On the other hand, Divergence granted each Deviant at least one Variation, a superhuman ability that is entangled with a Scar. Variations are similarly broad in scope, and can range from supernatural senses to bodily transformation to elemental control.


As a Deviant grows accustomed to his Scars and Variations, he increases his Acclimation. This trait enhances the Deviant's resistance to Instability, and helps protect him against the powers of other supernatural beings.