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The Deviant: The Renegades Rulebook is the core rulebook that introduces Deviant: The Renegades to the Chronicles of Darkness.


From the seller's page:

You woke up…different. Someone changed you; on a slab, an operating table, an altar. By luck or by fate, you escaped. Now you’re hunted by the ones who made you, and they hold all the cards but one: they don’t know that a fire burns within you because of what they did. They don’t know that you’re hunting them.
The Divergence stripped you of your humanity, cracked open your soul. Its wounds will never heal. You are Broken — not like a toy lying in a limp pile on the floor but like a glass bottle, all sharp edges and jagged, cutting shards. Anyone who comes close to you bleeds — your enemies, but also your few friends.
Though alienated from humanity, you are not alone. Other Deviants have suffered as you have suffered. They hate the conspiracies that made you as much as you do. Together, you will stand against them. Together, you will make them pay!
This book contains:
  • The complete guide to playing a Deviant in the Chronicles of Darkness — from psychics to cyborgs, from freaks of nature to abominations of science.
  • Rules for portraying the many faceless conspiracies that make up the Web of Pain.
  • Four example settings across the world, from Ankara to Delaware, each with its own unique conspiracies entangled in the Web of Pain.


Chapter One: Origins and Clades

This chapter introduces the ways in which the Remade come to be and how they are classified.

Chapter Two: Setting

Here we examine the Divergence’s effects, how the Broken meet their daily needs, and how they take the fight to the conspiracies.

Chapter Three: Renegades

Chapter three provides rules and game systems to make Remade characters, their powers and the burdens they carry as a result of their Divergences.

Chapter Four: Storytelling Systems

This section presents all the core rules necessary to run a game of Deviant: The Renegades, including rules for explosions, radiation, and corrosive substances.

Chapter Five: Antagonists

Chapter five covers the people and organizations who hunt the transformed, and who the Deviants hunt in return. This chapter provides systems for creating your own conspiracies, and how they react to the actions of the characters.

Chapter Six: Settings and Sample Conspiracies

This chapter examines in several locations how the conspiracies and Broken struggle against each other, and one another.

Chapter Seven: Storytelling

The final chapter gives tips on running successful games of Deviant, and explores the game’s niche of transformation and revenge.


The appendices list the equipment, Conditions, and Tilts liable to be involved in a game of Deviant.

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Adaptation, Autourgic, Cephalist, Chimeric, Clade, Coactive, Cohort, Conspiracy, Devoted, Divergence, Epimorph, Exomorph, Genotypal, Invasive, Manticore, Mutant, Origin, Pathological, Progenitor, Remade, Renegades, Scar, Stability, Variation, Web of Pain


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