Deviant: The Renegades

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Deviant: The Renegades is a Chronicles of Darkness game that was successfully Kickstarted in October 2019 by Onyx Path.

From the Onyx Path website:

You woke up… different. Someone changed you; on a slab, an operating table, an altar. By luck or by fate, you escaped. Hunted by your creators, they hold all the cards, and it seems they might recapture you. Except, what they don’t understand is they’ve stoked the fires of vengeance; what they did wasn’t right. What they don’t know is that now — you’re hunting them.
Deviant: The Renegades presents a game where the victims of experiments band together to bring down the monolithic organizations that twisted and warped them.


Players take on the characters of the Remade, human beings who have been transformed into something else through the action of human actors. No millennia-old curse, moon-spirit’s favor, or Supernal Watchtower changed the Remade into what they are; their state is the result of chanted spells, long surgeries, experimental treatments, bizarre accidents, or alchemical poisons. Their creators — Progenitors — have human faces; they are people who saw what lurks in the shadows of the world and wanted power for themselves. Many Remade — Devoted — still serve the conspiracies that changed them. The player characters are Renegades, Remade who have escaped the clutches of their creators… for now.

Origins and Clades

Main articles: Origin, Clade

The Remade did not all change in the same manner. The means of Divergence and how it changed the Deviant are described as the Origin and Clade, respectively.

Powers and Abilities

Main articles: Adaptation (DTR), Variation

Deviants, upon the cracking of their souls, gain some measure of power in recompense. The first, Adaptations, are endemic to particular Clades; regardless of anything else, two Cephalists, for example, will share Adaptations. Variations, on the other hand, are powers more particular to the individual, and are deeply-entwined with the Deviant's Scars.

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