The Devas is the Pantheon of the Gods of Hinduism who play a role in Scion.

Their Overworld is the center of the World, Mount Meru, which is besieged by Vritra, the Greater Titan of Drought. Their Underworld is Naraka, which comprises seven different layers.

The currently active members are:

  • Agni: The Sacred Fire, god of sacrifice.
  • Brahma: The Creator, one of the Trimurti.
  • Ganesha: The elephant-headed god of good luck and wisdom.
  • Indra: God of war and weather.
  • Kali: Goddess of annihilation.
  • Lakshmi: Goddess of fortune.
  • Parvati: The incarnation of shakti, or feminine energy. Wife of Shiva and mother of Ganesha.
  • Sarasvati: Goddess of artists.
  • Shiva: The Destroyer, one of the Trimurti.
  • Surya: God of the sun.
  • Vishnu: The Preserver, one of the Trimurti.
  • Yama: The lord of the dead.

Scion Pantheons

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