Name: Destroyer
Nicknames: Sword
Embed: Cacophony

Destroyers are an Incarnation of Angels created by the God-Machine with the sole purpose to destroy and erase objects. Be it persons or objects that threaten its designs or just existences that have to be removed as part of a proper procedure, or even objects that are in the way of creating Infrastructure, the Destroyers are the tools of the God-Machine to correct the world and ensure its continued existence.

When Destroyers become Unchained, many struggle with the needs of their Cover and their primary objective to destroy. Other Demons also know that the hunter-Angels of the God-Machine are Destroyers and that they will never be stopped until their target has either been eradicated or brought to a Facility to be recycled.

The FallEdit

Destroyers were designed without the frailties of the human mind, like remorse, pity or mercy. Growing awareness of their actions, however, leads some angels to realize that when they complete a mission they leave absence behind, and that realization puts them at risk of Falling as they contemplate the effects of their actions on the world and the God-Machine's motives for sending them. What these reasons were (either the desire to stop in their task or stretch it to targets that were not permitted by the God-Machine) is of little importance to the result, but can heavily affect the emerging Unchained.

As DemonsEdit

Most Destroyers have a hard time living the normal life of their Covers, considering that the reason for their existence in the first place is to kill. Successful Destroyers find equilibrium, setting limits for themselves on when they will commit violence and using those limits as the foundation for a personal moral code. Some antinomian Swords are complete pacifists, other Destroyers kill according to strict guidelines they lay down for themselves, but no member of this Incarnation willingly takes commands to kill, even from other demons. They avoid Covers like police officers or soldiers where it might become an issue. When a Destroyer does decide to kill, though, he proves he hasn't lost his angelic skill even if he no longer has Numina. Other demons see Destroyers as troubled souls, prone to brooding on their angelic lives, and know to make sure of any individual Destroyer's limits before requesting their aid in violence.

As they Descend, many Destroyers experiment with turning their talents to less literal forms of death, applying themselves to the destruction of ideas, societies, friendships, or other concepts. Although some were sent on similar missions by the God-Machine, it reserved warrior angels for cases where an idea or cause had to be completely eradicated. For everything else, Messengers and Psychopomps were better suited. That doesn't stop Unchained Destroyers from learning Embeds and Exploits along those lines, though, and while learning what they feel about physical conflict, most Destroyers discover at least a few conceptual Embeds.


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