Destiny's Price is a book for Mage: The Ascension Second Edition with ideas for Gothic-Punk settings, stories, characters, as well gaming rules and new gear. A Black Dog work, it is intended for mature audiences.


From the White Wolf catalog:

The Test
The wet street mirrored the neon and the dark equally, impassively. At my feet, another life. I swallowed, knelt, felt her faltering pulse. I caressed her cheek. A caress like the angel of death. My throat tightened: Why do I stay? As if in response, the dying girl whispered, "Hold me."
"At which price such power?" asked Siehchang. And again: "At what price such knowledge?"
I was silent. How could I respond?
"Indeed," he said, "who can answer fully to destiny's price?"
— Kiki Siehchang, Verbena Mater, from The Dialogues of Siehchang and Ortega
The Price
The streets offer endless questions. This book, however, holds many answers for the Gothic-Punk troupe. Within its pages, players and Storytellers will find characters, settings, new rules, street gear, and some harsh truths about the urban nightmare, including:
  • A guided tour of the streets by one who knows them.
  • Dozens of characters, settings and weapons, plus details about organized criminal groups.
  • Source material for Mage, Vampire, Werewolf, Wraith and even Changeling.




Chapter One: Under the Knife: A Guided Tour

Chapter Two: Nowhere to Go but Down (Culture)

Chapter Three: Gutter Magick (The Street Mage)

Chapter Four: Blood and Asphalt (Settings)

Chapter Five: Men of Dust (Characters)

Appendix: Street Gear

Background Information

This is the first Mage: The Ascension book under the Black Dog imprint.

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