Derwyn ap Allyn is a Seelie fox Pooka Wilder from the Principality of Gwynt in Cymru.

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Derwyn ap Allyn

Derwyn is a kindhearted pooka; full of good-natured fun and jest, though he really likes bamboozling the wrong kind of tourists (the expensive outdoor outfitted types), sending them to rough country in sandals, poking pinholes in their water bottles and so on. He never wishes to cause enduring harm. Derwyn feels a great fondness for his friend Nestor and worries about him living too fast. To this end, Derwyn tries to make things at the Table of the Twin Rivers lively. He also spends time among the pooka in Cwm Pwca, just to keep up on the latest tricks and jokes. As a mortal, Derwyn Allison works part-time as a firefighter in the Trellick community. But Derwyn is also feeling the approach of old age, and he's powerless to stop it. What he really wants to do is plan, one giant final joke before he forgets his fae nature, hoping to center it around the Table of the Twin Rivers if at all possible.

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Derwyn is a small man with reddish hair, a short beard and mustache in human seeming. In his fae mien, he has very handsome reddish-gray fox-ears and a bushy tail that remains his pride and joy. A continual grin lights his face, and most people find him irresistibly fun.

Personal Edit

Unless something threatens Nestor or his other friends, Derwyn is continually cheery and happy. He'll never have the brains of the old satyr, but he possesses the wisdom of a good heart and a positive outlook on life. But when something does threaten his contented world, He's more than capable of response in kind. Only fools underestimate a clever pooka.

References Edit

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