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Written by: Christopher Howard with Todd McDivitt
Developed by: Nicky Rea and Jackie Cassada
Editor: Aileen E. Miles
Art Director: Richard Thomas
Artists: John Poreda, Melissa Uran
Front and Back Cover Design: Richard Thomas
Author's Acknowledgements
The author would like to thank the following people...
  • My assisting author, Tadd McDivitt, and also Dan Ginn and Adrian Simmons for additional materials. Thanks, guys for sparking my creativity. It’s been fun.
  • Bill Bridges, former developer of Werewolf: The Apocalypse and current co-God of the Fading Suns™, for getting me into this whole crazy business. Joke’s over; you can let me out now.
  • Ian Lemke, former Changeling developer, for letting me go crazy on Kithbook: Nockers. Figgerfurbingurbinburbibmurbinmitzermurbin!
  • And lastly Jackie Cassada and Nicky Rea for giving me a chance to tie up some old threads.
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: Arthaus
Published: 1999
Pages: 128
Year: 1999 (cWOD)
Publication #: WW07310
Reference #:
Price: $17.95 US
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Denizens of the Dreaming is a sourcebook for Changeling: The Dreaming. It introduces the adhene.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Born of Nightmare and Hidden Desires
Freed from the Darklands of the Dreaming, a host of Dark-kin stalk the waking world. Pursuing their own mysterious quests, creatures of ancient nightmares and recent terrors travel strange new paths of dark enchantment, weaving their seductive lures and horrific visions into the fabric of changeling society. The Dreaming will never be the same.

Dare the Dark
Denizens of the Dreaming catapults Changeling: The Dreaming into a darker dimension, providing players and Storytellers with rules for playing the Dark-kin. Discover new Abilities, Arts, Merits and Flaws and explore the history of these enigmatic creatures of dark imaginings.

Summer Molt: Kureksarra TwilightEdit

Introduction: The Way the World EndsEdit

Chapter One: Things Fall ApartEdit

Chapter Two: Winds of ChangeEdit

Chapter Three: The Sleep of ReasonEdit

Chapter Four: Building the Perfect BeastEdit

Chapter Five: By the Silver BannedEdit

Appendix: Nightmare GalleryEdit


Adhene, Aria, Banal Shiver, acheri, aonides, fir-bholg, fuath, keremet, moiræ, naraka, War of Trees, Miririm, Evanescent, Tenebrous Realms


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