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This article is about the Demon: The Fallen sourcebook. For the Demon: The Descent sourcebook, see Flowers of Hell: The Demon Players Guide.

Demon Players Guide is supplement for Demon: The Fallen that is meant to be used to assist players in creating more in-depth fallen characters.


From the White Wolf catalog:

The Ashes of Paradise
Once they ruled the earth as gods, radiant spirits of fire and thunder that defied the fury of Heaven for a thousand years. Now the angels of the Abyss have returned to a world that has forgotten them, a place devoid of the faith that fueled their dreams of glory. No longer titans of creation but bound in frail vessels of human flesh, the fallen are but shadows of their former might, tormented by the pain of their long imprisonment. They have faced the fury of the Almighty, borne defeat and eternal damnation. This time nothing will stand in their way.
The Rage of Fallen Angels
The Demon Players Guide contains a host of new rules, optional powers, tips and guidelines that add new depth to the fallen and their struggles for glory and redemption. Inside you will find expanded systems on customizing a character's apocalyptic form, a more detailed and flexible system for creating infernal items and rules form combining fallen lore paths through intricate and powerful rituals. Combined with valuable character creation tips and an expanded character sheet the Demon Players Guide is an invaluable resource for players and Storytellers alike.

Prologue: By His Works You Shall Know Him

Matthew Wallace and Gaviel (in the form of Matthew's son Noah) investigate a racially motivated fire at a local Catholic church.


Featuring how to use the book, as well as an FAQ on questions asked about the corebook and errata.

Chapter One: Fallen

This section helps players flesh out both their demon and human characteristics by providing extra information on the True Name, the history of the Rebellion, and how a demon reacts to gaining a human host.

Chapter Two: The Price of Glory

Focusing on the Backgrounds offered in the corebook, this section details how these can change for a Fallen as a campaign wears on.

Chapter Three: Merits and Flaws

This section contains the various Merits and Flaws for Demons; additional positive and negative traits, of Infernal, Physical, Social, Mental, Legal and Economic varieties, for fleshing characters out beyond what was intended with the corebook, as it did not contain any Merits or Flaws, only Backgrounds.

Chapter Four: The Nature of the Beast

Details on creating a personalized Apocalyptic form, as well as the functions of the forms before, during, and after the Fall, and alternate systems for playing a Visage.

Chapter Five: Infernal Engines

This helps characters build enhanced, enchanted, and demonic relics through gameplay and Lore knowledge.

Chapter Six: Rituals

The many ways that Lores can be combined to form new, lasting effects via rituals are detailed here.

Background Information

Memorable Quotes


  • Matthew Wallace - Contending with the return of his "son"...
  • Gaviel (Noah Wallace) - Going forward with his plans with help from his "father".


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