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Demons, occasionally known as the akathartoi ("unclean ones") to distinguish them from other entities often called demons, are spiritual entities that originate not from the Shadow, or even the supernal realm of Pandemonium. Rather, they come from the enigmatic domain of Hell, a place of horror and indescribable evil that even the native demons hate to exist within. This leads them to constantly attempt at escaping, while also trying to damn the souls of the living and alter the material world to fit their idea of paradise.[1][2]

Demons are organized in an infernal hierarchy, similar to Spirits and their choirs. Similar to spirits, they advance in their hierarchy by fulfilling their purpose, in most cases spreading sin and ruining lives. They are not to be confused with the Unchained, who are only kin to them in frequent use of pacts.[3][4]

Rank Description Class
0 Minor tempters Whisperer
1 Minor demon Mandragora; Imp
2 Average demon Servitor
3 Capable demon Lesser Demon, Diaboli
4 Powerful demon Greater Demon
5 Lesser Infernal deity Infernal Noble, Dominion
6 Average Infernal deity Archdemon
7 Higher infernal deity Greater Archdemon
8 Ancient infernal deity Duke of Hell; Maeljin
9 Ancient or immense infernal deity Demon Prince
10 The Adversary


All demons, no matter what rank they are, have what is called a Malapraxis, a supernatural feat similar to the Numina used by Ghosts and Spirits.[5]

Additionally, Demons can understand every language spoken by mortal cultures, in addition to their own, the "Dragon's Tongue", an untranslatable language that is sometimes learned by cultists and demonologists in order to learn more about the denizens of Hell.[2]

All Demons can grant their summoners infernal magic via a Pact. The Pact has to fall under the reach of influence of the summoned demon in order to be made.[6]


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