A demon is one of the denizens of Malfeas, descended in some fashion from the Yozis.

Circles of Demons Edit

Demons are organized into three "circles" which indicate their relationship to the Yozis.

The Third Circle Edit

The actual souls of the Yozis are counted as Third Circle demons. One Yozi may have any number of souls, one of which is its fetich soul or heart. Each soul is itself a powerful and functionally immortal demon; if one of these demons is killed, it will regenerate itself almost instantly, though often much changed and diminished. Many of the Yozis were weakened by the Solar Exalted through killing their fetich souls, and some underwent drastic changes in personality and nature due to the trauma of losing one or most souls.

The Third Circle are called "the Unquestionable" in Malfeas, for they have effectively limitless power and are not bound by the priests of Cecelyne to adhere to her laws.

Some notable Third Circle demons:

The Second Circle Edit

Each Third Circle demon possesses approximately seven souls, which are themselves powerful demons, though not so powerful as the Third Circle. These demons can be killed, but will usually regenerate in a year and a day unless deliberately reconstituted by their Third Circle progenitor. The death of a Second Circle soul does not so drastically affect the Third Circle demon it descended from (much less its progenitor Yozi). These demons are citizens of Malfeas, granting them certain rights and privileges, but they are still bound by the laws of the Demon City.

Noteable Second Circle demons:

  • Octavian, the Living Tower, Defining Soul of the Ravine of Whispers
  • Stanewald, She Who Surmounted the Omphalos, the Reflective Soul of the Ravine of Whispers
  • Makarios, the Sigil's Dreamer, the Warden Soul of That Which Calls to Shadows
  • Gervesin, the Grieving Lord, Messenger Soul of the Green Sun

The First Circle Edit

The lowest circle of demons are the creations of the Second Circle, not their souls. There are many types of First Circle demons, and individual demons of this circle rarely distinguish themselves from the masses; not all are even sentient. While they are not citizens of Malfeas by default, they can petition for citizenship.

Some common types of First Circle demons:

  • Erymanthoi, the Blood-Apes, born of of She-Who-Stands-In-Doorways
  • Neomah, the Weavers of Flesh, born of the Weaver of Voices
  • Decanthropes, the Body Snatchers, born of the Grieving Lord
  • Tomescu, the Clamorous Cloud Arsenals, born of the Living Tower

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