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Demon-Blooded are the descendants of the Unchained, usually conceived with humans. Depending on ancestry and chance, the blood of a demon can manifest immediately in dangerous ways, or it can sleep for generations at a time.

Growing up as the child of a fallen Angel is hard. Demon-Hunters often target the children to draw out their parents, while the child discovers that it can never experience the benefits of normalcy, instead having to face the servants of an alien super-machine and other supernatural horrors.

Demonic pregnancy is a paradoxical affair. Because a Demon exists in a quantum state where she is all her Covers, as well as her Demonic Form, the unborn child briefly enters the same quantum states. If all Covers that would give birth to the child dissolve, the unborn child simply vanishes. Changing a Cover becomes more difficult, because the demon has to inculcate the metaphysical essence of the embryo. Children born from a demonic Father sometimes manifest in one of his female Covers, leaving the human woman only a miscarriage.

Types of Demon-Blooded


Offspring are the children of a Demon and a human, or are the result of Pacts that claimed them as the property of the Demon. From birth, they are Stigmatic, being marked by a minor Glitch and an access to one specific Embed. While Offspring are unable to learn to use more demonic arts, they cain gain the ability to manipulate Aether to mimick the effects of certain Exploits.


Latents are the descendants of Offspring. Most of them never manifest supernatural abilities, and if they are confronted with events that would awaken them to the mysteries of the world, their demonic blood makes them into Offspring, with all the benefits and drawbacks.

The child of two Latents has a minor chance to become an Offspring, which can produce serious problems when the parents are confronted with a child that can rewrite their memories.


Fractals are the children of two Demons. They are a beautiful mingling of human flesh with the intuitive mastery of the laws of arcane physics that marks demons. As children, they are extremely difficult to keep hidden from the eyes of the God-Machine's servants. Those Fractals who reach adulthood are undeniably useful to anyone interested in the God-Machine or its projects, so they're frequently courted by Agencies, angels, and occult organizations of all kinds.

Fractals have access to at least one Embed, are born with the ability to see through Covers and some can even see if a Demons speaks the truth, something impossible with normal supernatural means.