Democritus is an old and powerful Ventrue who served as Justicar to his clan from 1504 until, at least, the 16th century.


Serving as the second ever Ventrue Justicar, Democritus is renowned for his scientific approach to politics, diplomacy, negotiation. Many who have met him consider the Kindred to be the most calm, rational, and level-headed individual that they have ever met.

In Rome, Democritus took a young Brujah named Etheyra under his wing as his protege around the time Carthage was destroyed. Etheyra was said to have betrayed the secrets of Carthage for her safety, and may have even suggested salting the ground as the city was burned by the Romans. 


  • In the real world Democritus was a pre-socratic philosopher known for his formulation of the atomic theory of the universe. He was an advocate for logical reasoning over subjective observation. Democritus was said to "prefer to discover a causality than to become a king of Persia".



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