A demiurge is a mortal who wields the Azoth to create a Promethean. The result of a demiurge's act of creation is a Progenitor, the prototype Promethean of a Lineage. Any Prometheans the Progenitor then creates inherit his Lineage. Demiurges are rare, and most of the ones that have existed have instead recreated the rituals of earlier demiurges, creating a Promethean of an existing Lineage or sometimes an Extempore. There have been only a handful who have created stable Lineages throughout history, and the last confirmed demiurge was Dr. Victor Frankenstein.

Demiurges from Promethean history include:

Should the rumors of the Nuclear Prometheans, the Zeka, ever be verified, five more demiurges would be added to the list. So far, few have been identified. One was Dr. Mikhail Alessandrovich Elizarov, who created the monstrosity that took the name Tsar Bomba. Another was Professor Vissarion Yudenich, who created the creature who used the name Oleg Chernenko.

The Unfleshed and Extempore are not known to have any specific Demiurges, due to them being so varied.


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