A demiurge is a mortal who wields the Azoth to create a Promethean. The result of a demiurge's act of creation is a Progenitor, the prototype Promethean of a Lineage. Any Prometheans the Progenitor then creates inherit his Lineage. Demiurges are rare, and most of the ones that have existed have instead recreated the rituals of earlier demiurges, creating a Promethean of an existing Lineage or sometimes an Extempore. There have been only a handful who have created stable Lineages throughout history, and the last confirmed demiurge was Dr. Victor Frankenstein.

Demiurges from Promethean history include:

Should the rumors of the Nuclear Prometheans, the Zeka, ever be verified, five more demiurges would be added to the list. So far, only one has been identified: Dr. Mikhail Alessandrovich Elizarov, who created the monstrosity that took the name Tsar Bomba.


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