The Della Passaglia are a family within the Giovanni Clan that descended from Italian trader families that had ties with the Orient, trading silk, tea, and porcelain for opium and firearms.


The Giovanni assimilated the Della Passaglia in the 15th century. For a long time, the Della Passaglia were the only Kindred tolerated by the natives within the cities of China and careful observations from both sides revealed much about their cousins. Up to this day, the Della Passaglia are the most informed Kindred next to Oliver Thrace in the matters of Kuei-jin and the paradigma of the Middle Kingdom.

Recently, however, relations have soured up. The Great Leap Outward makes association with the foreigners difficult for potential sympathizers among the Kuei-jin and many have chosen to turn from them, leading many Passaglias thinking that the Kuei-jin exploited them in order to learn about the weaknesses of Cainites. The Della Passaglia, however, hope to regain the Asians' favour by securing their aid in bringing down the Shroud in the conquered territories in California, to ensure that the Second Breath could also take place in these lands. With this, the family would greatly assert their value to the Venetian main family, regain favor with the Kuei-jin and gain several wraiths for the Ritual of Endless Night. So far, the Ancestors of the Kuei-jin are debating this course of action, but more and more voice support for the Kin-jin's plan.


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