A Delirium is a type of Plasmic sometimes found in the Tempest in Wraith: The Oblivion. They seem to be a "higher" form of the more common Phantasie. Some Deliriums, at first glace, resemble ordinary, everyday animals; however, closer examination reveals that they possess powers and a physiology that regular animals and Phantasies lack. The difference may be as simple as an animal with extra appendages, such as a cat with wings or a monkey with extra arms. Their altered appearances also extend into animals that are severely deformed and bear terrifying visages.

Deliriums, aside from their unusual forms, also have higher intelligence and stats than Phantasies, as well as the ability to use one Arcanos in addition to the Phantasies' standard Argos.

In spite of their strange appearances, Deliriums have just as wide a range of motivations as the Phantasies; some are benevolent to lost travelers, some will work in exchange for favors, and some exist only to hunt down prey in the Tempest.


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