Delaney "Firefly" Croft-Martin is a member of Team Tomorrow Auxiliary. She often takes hazardous assignments just for the adrenaline rush.


Much was expected of the beautiful and only daughter of James R. and Cynthia Croft-Martin, wealthy socialites in Herndon, New York. Delaney loved being the center of attention, but she felt the life of a socialite was just so dull. So when she erupted (much to her parent's horror) at a charity banquet, young Delaney never felt so free. She was able to ask some persuasive and well-connected friends of her parents and schmooze her way on to Team Tomorrow.

Now as "Firefly" Delaney is not the center of attention as some of the other members of Team Tomorrow that are more famous or more powerful, but she feels all she has to do is play for time. So, she waits.

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This is not cannon or anything but, it struck me as odd that her parents were horrified by her eruption. I wonder if they are the type of people that would associate with a nova, but would despise their own daughter because she was one? You know the type of hypocrites I'm talking about. Storyteller Option.
Another option of why they might have been horrified is that she chose to erupt at the banquet and they were embarrassed about the circumstances surrounding it.


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