Defiler Wyrm, also called Older Brother by the Pure Tribes,[1] is one of the three heads of the Triatic Wyrm. It is the Wyrm of Corruption, a scheming entity of ruin and decay.



Garou glyph for the Defiler Wyrm.

The Defiler Wyrm is a manifestation of every corrupting impulse and instinct in existence. In a way, it serves as a mockery of the Wyrm itself. The Defiler’s insight is focused by the most terrifying aspect of Gnosis: the ability to see a victim’s greatest weakness, so that it can be exploited. The Defiler conquers by tempting its prey to succumb to its own base instincts, leading the defiled to take reckless risks. Its victims walk a shadowy path from personal choice to annihilation of the self. Some Uktena and Shadow Lords assert that the Defiler’s first victim was itself. They say it’s now driven by its own self-loathing, foolishly believing that if it defiles everything, it will regain control and restore balance. During the Banestorm, its servants were unleashed in Asia.[2]

Insidiously, the Defiler Wyrm seduces its victims silently from within, whispering temptations that lead its prey willingly into its maw. It’s the serpent in the Garden of Eden, the foolish ambition of a fallen angel, the hubris of a mage who summons up more power than he can control, or the arrogance of a werewolf who thinks he can master the very spiritual forces that will inevitably condemn him to damnation. When the now-extinct White Howler tribe thought they could delve deeper into the Spiral Labyrinth in their quest for forbidden knowledge, they were led on by the whispering of the unconquerable Defiler, the Wyrm of Violation.

Most Pentex operations are likely under the sway of the Defiler Wyrm. This Triatic Wyrm is analogous to the original Wyrm's purgative function, but here it is being restricted to only being able to eat away at the intangible from the inside.



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