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Real-life Events

World of Darkness Events

  • 1898
    • Engineer Lt. Col. John Henry Patterson kills the first of two lions called the man-eaters of Tsavo.[1]
  • 2003
    • WTOJ broadcasts an intercept from a radio broadcast at 2.4 MHz. The poster notes that his or her companions don’t have any electricity, except when Doctor Cole’s generator works. There’s no running water, but we’ve got the river and a good filtration system going. There’s food, grown from vegetables on the rooftops. "And we keep getting bigger. Bit by bit, block by block." They keep gaining ground, which is attributed to "Lupe." Lupe and her soldiers never stop finding ways to keep out the monsters and kill them in their dens.[2]

Trinity Universe Events

  • 1964
    • The Gary Local Herald for this Wednesday reports on Sunday's miracle at the railroad crossing. By 2008, the only copy of this day's Herald will be the one in Æon's Babel Dossier.[3]
  • 2119
    • ISRAn Maria Diaz and engineers Laura Roberts and Jerome Sandoz sneak out of the official human embassy area on Qinshui, and discover that the Qin are, in fact, meter-long slugs.[4]


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