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  • 2003
    • Satellite imagery, airplane over-flights and eye witnesses all agree that the Bermuda Triangle has been visibly glowing for the last week. This portion of the North Atlantic, defined by the southern tip of the state of Florida, the Bahamas and the Greater Antilles, has long been a region of strange phenomena, and oceanographers are at a loss to explain the yellow light now bathing the area. Reports of ships being pulled under the waves by huge tentacles, and of mythical mermaids swimming through the phosphorescent water, are only adding to the mania surrounding the phenomenon.[8]

Chronicles of Darkness Events Edit

Trinity Universe Events Edit

  • 1999
    • Æon Society census reports approximately 1350 known novas in the world population.[11]
    • Novas continue to erupt throughout the year, despite falling levels of radiation from the Galatea explosion. This rate of 30-40 eruptions a month continues for at least the first decade of the Nova Age.[11]
  • 2000
    • With the Y2K problem and millennialist anxiety distant memories, the press realizes that 2001 is the actual beginning of the new millennium. This announcement inspires the largest New Year's celebrations in history. Festivities include nova-produced energy releases in orbit that are visible around the world.[11]
    • Æon Society census reports approximately 1800 known novas in the world population.[11]
    • Michelle Medford, afraid of the dark from a young age, erupts during a blackout in Sydney. She later becomes "Corona," the leader of Australis.[12]
    • Thomas Sering, a survivalist, erupts when the supposed end of the world doesn't arrive.[13]
  • 2007
    • Æon Society census reports approximately 6000 known novas in the world population. As of this date, no nova is known to have been impregnated or to have impregnated others, either baseline or nova. Project Utopia-affiliated scientists vow to study this phenomenon, at the behest of nova would-be parents.[16]

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