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Real-life Events

World of Darkness Events

  • 1898
    • Lt. Col. John Henry Patterson kills the second of two Ugandan lions (actually Simba) called the Tsavo Man-Eaters. Over their reign of terror, the two lions killed nearly 140 workers.[1]
  • 2003
    • A massive metal zeppelin appears above Paris this morning, transmitting messages to every radio, television and computer screen in the region from a man calling himself "Czar Vargo, Master of the World." In what he claimed was his "final message," Vargo offered emigration to a new world of technological wonders for those who accepted his terms. "You denied my overtures for peace at the beginning of the last century. Now is your last chance. Accept universal brotherhood and join our hidden Utopia. Reject it, and you reap the ruin of your own unreason."[2]

Chronicles of Darkness Events

  • 2013
    • The toxicological obduction of the remains of John Doe shows presence of sulfuric acid, formaldehyde, and 4 unknown compounds.[3]


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