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Classic World of Darkness Events

  • 1885
    • Winthrop Murray writes about having returned from the Initiation into the Arcanum, which was powerful and moving. Notably absent was Reverend Brown, who either had Yuletide Mass or refused to participate in a clearly pagan activity. Benjamen Holmscroft has announced that news of the Arcanum is spreading, and other scholars have expressed interest in joining.[1]
  • 1946
    • Bugsy Siegel opens the Flamingo Casino.[2][3]

Chronicles of Darkness Events

  • 2013
    • The corpse of John Doe is found in an abandoned rectory near a cathedral in Cook County. The torso had been cut open and mutilated, the head is missing. After thirty minutes exposed to the air, the flesh rapidly crumbles, leaving only the skeleton and the stench of sulfur.[4]

Trinity Universe Events


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