Decay Shintai is one of the Bile Shintai Discipline exclusive of the Scorpion Eater Dharma of the Kuei-Jin. Its non-tainted form is called Bone Shintai.

Chi Attunement: Strength

Official AbilitiesEdit

Included below are the official powers described in the Heresies of the Way.

Standard PowersEdit

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    • Stink of the Grave: The Kuei-jin infuses himself with tainted Yin chi, changing his appearence into that of a rotting corpse that smells horribly. Scorpion Eaters use this coutenance to frighten away mortals.
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    • Deadly Waft: The Kuei-jin becomes transparent similar to the un-tainted power, but also emits the stench of rotten flesh
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    • Bone Shrapnell: The Kuei-jin can cause fractures into his victim's skeletal structure by touching him, allowing him to harm internal organs and cause grievious lacerations
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    • Splenetic Exhalation: The Kuei-jin creates a black, toxic cloud that causes symptons similar to toxic pollution.
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    • Harbinger of Decay: By infusing his victim with tainted chi, the Kuei-jin can drive his victims into a mad, cannibalistic frenzy that causes its flesh to detoriate. Only supernatural powers that hold sway over toxic purgations can save the victim, otherwise, the Tainted Chi within its blood forces it to act on the terrible hunger that wreacks it.


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