Wraiths and Mummies see death in everything. They do not see things in the physical world as they appear, but as they someday will be. A person about to die might appear cadaverous, with hollow eyes and jaundiced skin; a car destined to crash will appear dented in advance. Much of the world seems decayed or near collapse. Billboards are tattered, roads are potholed, paint is peeling, metal is rusting, buildings are crumbling. This can be used to find weak spots and to measure the Health level of a person.

All Wraiths are touched by Oblivion and are able to see the creeping influence and the inevitable death of everything. Because of this, deathsight is an ability that every wraith possesses.

The counterpart of deathsight is Lifesight.

Kuei-jin attuned with Yin can use Deathsight, and those attuned with Yang can use Lifesight.

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