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For the real-world publication, see DTF: Demon: Days of Fire Buy it from DriveThruRPG! Now in Print!.

Days of Fire is a book published in December 2003, by researcher Yves Darra. It's a new translation of a Greek work known as Ημερεσ Πυροσ (Imeres Pyros). A related Latin text called Dies Ignis was used as the basis of a book called The Burning of Time by Vera Sadry, published in 1982.

An artist named August Bierce, having read The Burning of Time when he was younger, created a series of paintings inspired by some verses, which he called Time Catches Fire. Apparently, the paintings sparked riots in the New York and Tokyo galleries in which they were shown. Days of Fire includes reproductions of several of these pieces of art.

A lot of controversy surrounds these texts. No one is quite certain if Imeres Pyros or Dies Ignis is the older text, but Darra assumed that the Greek text was older simply because the depth of meaning and the flow of the text was much more impressive in the Greek. So the Latin was likely a translation of the Greek.

Darra also calls Sadry's text "a parody, a satire," because Sadry further alters the text in translating it to English, attempting to achieve a rhyme scheme. Darra accuses her of inserting her own prophetic and political interpretations into the verse.

Another element raising the controversy is the untimely deaths of both Darra and Sadry. Darra, in his Yale University office, was killed at or around 3:45PM on October 4, 2003. Sadry, in her LA home, was killed at or around 1PM on the same day. At or around 4PM, the single gun used in both murders was found in a package on the back deck of SAD investigator Woodrow Miller, who lived in DC. Factoring in time zones, the three events happened nearly instantaneously.

Darra and Sadry may have gotten killed earlier, on or before August 4th. The only evidence for this alternate date is the publication of in-character events by the WTOJ newsticker on the White Wolf homepage. It's possible that the force behind WTOJ may be broadcasting events in advance of their occurence as a warning. Woodrow Miller certainly has little reason to cover up the deaths for two months and then lie about it to his superior.

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