Davey Wheelwright is a Seelie Nocker Wilder and Lord of the Kingdom of Smoke in Albion.

Overview Edit

Lord Davey

It's not easy to hold things together in the Smokelands these days, but if anyone can do it, Lord Davey can. An architect by trade and member in good standing of the Builders Guild, Davey has been trying to influence the style of buildings in his native Manchester. The results have been discouraging. Where he sees columns and flying buttresses and archways, his clients only see too much money and demand something simpler and more economical. And so Davey goes back to the drawing board. Even so, he always manages to put something interesting into every design, wether a gargoyle perched high atop the roof or a pattern in the flagstones on the patio. Admittedly, sometimes he and his workers goof up but mistakes mean more chances to go in and jazz things up!

As ruler of the Kingdom of Smoke, Davey has a struggle ahead of him. If it's not the bloody idiots at city hall making plans to turn the well into a reservoir, it's the backstabbing fops in Nottingham making his life miserable. It doesn't matter. Lord Davey knows that what some see as his biggest problem; the Banal Chimera that has been sighted nearby, may prove to his biggest asset. Only when people are confronted with an enemy do they really come together and this could be his chance to rely his people. If all goes well, the Dauntain are next on his list. Nottingham is a constant itch and source of concern, however.

Personal Edit

Davey is proud of his city, damn it. so what if most of his subjects are Redcaps? So what if the sidhe snobs down in the Kingdom of Roses have called Manchester "a festering sore on the face of our island."? He has nowhere to go but up and welcomes the challenge.

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Lord Davey's close-cropped blond hair looks white to Kithain eyes. His everyday costume is a dark-brown Oxford shirt with the sleeves rolled up and somewhat-worn navy corduroys. Though his dress is fairly conservative, he has a fondness for intricately-patterned silk ties which he usually wears loosely knotted. He always has a pen or pencil behind one ear; occasionally his prize quill pen, a treasure, is there as well. Though he often seems to be in a hurry, Davey tries to be sensitive to the needs of his subjects.

For court occasions he has an intricately slashed suit of Renaissance-inspired garb in navy and mahogany tones accented with silver buckles and buttons. No one seems to remember him wearing his prize armor, tough he can occasionally be seen polishing or tinkering with it.

References Edit

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