Darkside Moon Base is a Void Engineer Construct located in the Daedalus crater on the "dark side" of the Moon. It is described as a dark, depressing place to live and work.

Originally constructed in the Victorian Era, Darkside was distributed across two craters, Icarus and Daedalus. Many other craters were converted into enormous radio telescopes with which to monitor space for threats to Earth. At some point, part of the crew in Icarus crater rebelled against their leaders and used a sampling drill to induce a catastrophic moonquake that destroyed their half of the facility. The ruins have been left untouched, though Border Corps marines patrol them periodically.

Darkside is a drab, utilitarian facility without luxury or individuality. Large robots built for the base by Iteration X handle much of the heavy work. Humans in the base invariably fall into lethargy and depression if they stay too long; the suicide rate is brutally high. Only a few scientists are able to stand long-term deployment at Darkside, and they are often just as drab and soulless as the buildings themselves.

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