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Night Falls on Luna
A nightmare unfolds on the Moon, the glimmering heart of human space. Citizens are disappearing. Aberrants are invading. The Lunar population turns to its psion protectors — you! How are the orders involved? What does the enigmatic Æon Trinity really know? Some secrets should never be revealed.
Truth Can Pierce the Darkness
Descent into Darkness is the first in the three-part Darkness Revealed adventure series for the Trinity science-fiction setting. This book kicks off the epic story that will change the Trinity Universe forever. It also details important regions of Luna and Mars for all psions.

Book One: Setting

1.0 Report to Field Operatives — 2.17.2120

2.0 Report to Field Operatives — 3.8.2120

3.0 Report to Field Operatives — 3.11.2120

Book Two: Rules

Episode One: Remnants of the Dead

Episode Two: The Depths of Madness

Epsiode Three: The Downward Spiral

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