Dark tales and Disturbing Legends is a sourcebook for the Ravenloft d20 setting.


Some tales take on a life of their own, passing from generation to generation as warnings of the dangers of life in the Dread Realms. Are these stories myths, or do they have a kernel of truth? Do you have the courage to find out for yourself?
Dark Tales and Disturbing Legends presents five classic tales of horror with a Ravenloft twist. Track down a rampaging killer, look behind the scenes of a tragic wedding night or flush out a creature from the darkest imaginings. DMs and players can find new magic items, feats and spells as well as new opportunities to explore the darkest corners of Ravenloft.



Chapter One: To Inherit EternityEdit

Chapter Two: The Curse of Ashington Manor Edit

Chapter Three: The Brood of Blutkalte Edit

Chapter Four: Noises in the Night Edit

Chapter Five: To Honor and Obey Edit

DM’s AppendixEdit

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