Dark Selina is a potent Brujah antitribu of the Sabbat and an ardent foe of the Masquerade.


Originally, Dark Selina was an ally of Antoine Le Fanu in his endeavors to suppress monotheism and keep pagan traditions strong while Rome collapsed. The two, however, despised each other, and their partnership was ineffective, for which she blamed Le Fanu.

Jealous of Le Fanu's higher age and blood, Selina committed diablerie on her sire to become his equal, which Le Fanu took as a sign that his erstwhile ally would turn against him whenever the possibility would arise. Selina involved herself in circles of Kindred that believed that vampires should rule openly over the kine. She encouraged certain neonates (among them Patricia Bollingbroke) to rebel against elders who would enforce the Silence of the Blood.

After the Convention of Thorns, Selina dedicated herself wholeheartedly to the cause of the Sabbat. After a failed coup in the 18th century against Guillaume, the Prince of Zurich, though her childe, Roman Pendragon, Selina began to use her unfaithful progeny as a means to influence the world. This while she lay in torpor, tricking Pendragon into believing that he had destroyed her.

She continues to influence some of her resources within the Sabbat in the form of the Crimson Wave even while she lies in torpor in Switzerland, aiding the Sabbat’s crusade in New England to gain her revenge on Pendragon and Le Fanu.



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