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Dark Reflections: Spectres is a supplement to Wraith: The Oblivion that details the lives of Spectres and how to create one to play.


From the White Wolf catalog:

Devoured by Oblivion...
"I was once as you are, but now my Shadow and I are one. We serve Oblivion, yes, and drag others down screaming to share in the sacrament of our torment. Join me willingly and partake in the blessings that Oblivion bestows. Refuse me, and you shall receive double your portion..." —Coldheart, Nephwrack and priest of Oblivion
Bend Yourself to Its Will!
Join the servants of Oblivion as they raven from the mouth of the Void to the hearts of Stygia's citadels. Dark Reflections: Spectres is a guide to the Shadow-Eaten, their desires, powers, and history. It opens the gates to the Labyrinth, to show you the horrors that dwell within, and demonstrates that some evils are far stronger than the grave.


Ghost Story: Haunted


Chapter One: Spectral Culture

The information here includes the common characteristics of Spectres, how they are made and manage to exist, the castes within Spectral society, and the history of Spectres in general.

Chapter Two: Spectres as Characters

Character creation for Spectres as player characters, and the new toys that go with existing hand-in-hand with Oblivion. Includes information on four of the Dark Arcanoi, Tempest-Weaving, Shroud-Rending, Hive-Mind, and Contaminate.

Chapter Three: Spectres and the Storyteller

How to make a Spectral chronicle, including themes and how they interact with their Psyche by way of the Psycheguide.

Chapter Four: Templates

Ideas and templates for the various kinds of Spectres.

Background Information

This book was published under the Black Dog label due to the disturbing themes inherent in Spectral nature and existence.

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Contaminate, Doppelganger (WTO), Hive-Mind (WTO), Malfean (WTO), Mortwight, Nephwrack, Shade (WTO), Shroud-Rending, Spectre (WTO), Stripling, Tempest-Weaving

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