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The Dark Mother is the mythological "Mother of Monsters" and figure of major cultural significance among the Begotten.


The Begotten use multiple names to refer to the Mother of Monsters: Lilith, Echidna, Circe, Tiamat, Mama Crow, the Demon Queen of the West and many more figures that feature in Chaoskampf myths. Modern Begotten sometimes identify her with concepts like entropy and the eventual heat-death of the universe. For the Begotten, the stranger things that stalk the world, like vampires, werewolves, mages, prometheans, mummies, changelings and Sin-Eaters, are all part of her extended family tree. Other supernaturals may have forgotten their origin, but the Begotten know that all monsters are secretly Kin.

Some say she was the first being to travel the Primordial Dream and absorb its secrets, which she then brought back to this world and formed into her children. Others claim that she is the Primordial Dream given form and uses her children to bring its wisdom into the world, since mortals no longer listen to their nightmares. Others tell that the Dark Mother was among the earliest mortals who felt Hunger beyond the boundaries of mortal urges. From her, greed, tyranny, murder, injustice and hate came forth, as the primary Hungers and midwives of civilization.