The Dark Litany is the Litany of the Wyrm, followed by Black Spiral Dancers. Despite the perception of the Black Spirals as a tribe of lawless chaos, their Litany is often more strictly upheld than that of the Garou Nation.


  • Serve the Wyrm in all its forms (2nd Edition)/ Serve the Wyrm's Will (W20)
  • Beware the territory of another
  • Slay those who will not join you (2nd Edition)/ The Spiral Awaits Those with Open Eyes (W20)
  • Respect all those who serve the Wyrm (2nd Edition)/ Respect the Strength of the Mighty (W20)
  • The Veil Shall Not be lifted (2nd Edition)/ The First Share of the Kill for the Greatest in Station (W20)
  • Do Not Suffer Thy People to tend thy sickness (2nd Edition)/ All that is not Forbidden is Permitted (W20)
  • The Leader May Be Challenged At Any Time During Peace (2nd Edition)/ Indulge your Desires (W20)
  • The Leader May Not Be Challenged During Wartime (2nd Edition)/ The Veil Shall Not be Lifted (W20)
  • Ye Shall take Ho Action that Causes a Pit to be Violated (2nd Edition)/ Suffer Not Thy People to Tend Thy Sickness (W20)
  • The Leader May Be Challenged at Any Time during Peace (W20)
  • The Leader May Not Be Challenged during Wartime (W20)
  • Take No Action That Violates the Security of a Pit (W20)

Version DifferencesEdit

The Dark Litany in W20 formulates several new key tenets and expands them. In this new version, the Spiral Dancers have much more leeway in their individual interpretation of the tenets and allows for more civil interaction with non-Wyrm aligned creatures, as well as giving individual Spiral Dancers more freedom.


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