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Dark Eras are historical settings for the various gamelines of the Chronicles of Darkness, similar to the Dark Medieval of the Classic World of Darkness.


For 2014, Onyx Path did not present a new game line- instead each of the previous nine game lines (i.e., the lines up through Demon: The Descent) was expanded with an evocative and appropriate historical period. Each Dark Era was created by a developer and writer; for example, Ethan Skemp took his award-winning Changeling: The Lost to France during the Era of powdered wigs, treachery, and flashing blades. For the first time, Onyx Path used Kickstarter to construct this book using direct feedback from the fans during the process and increase some Eras’ word-count or add entirely new Eras as the community pushed for their favorites.

In 2017, Onyx Path started a new kickstarter for a new set of Dark Eras, incorporating experiences from the previous kickstarters into them.

Published Dark Eras

Proposed Dark Eras

  • Additional stretch goal eras that were proposed for Chronicles of Darkness: Dark Eras:
    • VTR: 1893 World's Fair
    • GTS: Wild West
    • Innocents: The Blitz
    • HTV: Middle East in the time of the Book of Judges
    • MTAw & MTC: French Revolution
    • The American Revolutionary War
    • GTS: Golden Age of Piracy (later brought into Dark Eras 2)
    • Wars of Scottish Independence 
    • HTV: in the Spanish Inquisition 
    • HTV: WWII in the Pacific 
    • VTR: On the Orient Express 
    • HTV: 1830s India 
    • GTS: Haiti in the 1970s-80s 
    • VTR: Jazz Age Requiem 
  • Additional stretch goal eras that were proposed for Chronicles of Darkness: Dark Eras 2:
    • Epic of Gilgamesh (2100s BCE.)
    • Jazz Age (1920s)
    • Mississippi Steamboat Era (1811 to 1861)
    • Greco-Persian Wars (499-449 BCE)
    • Early Medieval Ireland (750-850)
    • Voynich Manuscript (1400-1450)
    • Rise of the Maurya Empire (321-329 BCE)

Other CoD Historical Eras

  • The VTR books Ancient Bloodlines and Ancient Mysteries presented historical settings for a variety of eras:
    • "Rise of the Covenants": Ancient Egypt (Circa 1279 BCE)
    • "Black Streets of Babylon": The Seven Spirits (625-539 BCE)
    • "Clash of Empires": The Crusades (1095-1300)
    • "Father Governs Child": The First Kingdom of Thailand (1238 – 1368)
    • "Iberian Nights": Grémio de Corajoso (1415-1580)
    • "The Lost Generation": The Thirty Years’ War (1618-48)
    • "Feeding the Fire": The Haitian Revolution (1791)
    • "Blood Flows West": The Montrose Party (1839-69)
    • "Age and Treachery": The Great Rebellion (1857)
    • "Goodbye to All That": The Great War (1914-18)