Authors: Nigel Findley, Geoff McMartin
Storyteller Game System: Mark Rein•Hagen
Developer: Bill Bridges
Editor: Brian Campbell
Art Direction: Richard Thomas
Artists: Jeff Rebner, Dan Smith, Joshua Gabriel Timbrook
Maps: Brian J. Blume
Front Cover Art: Tony Harris
Layout: Sam Chupp
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Game Studio
Published: 1993
Pages: 98
Publication #: WW 03103
Reference #: ISBN 1-56504-059-7
Price: $15.00

Dark Alliance: Vancouver is a supplement for Werewolf: The Apocalypse and Vampire: The Masquerade that details the complex relationship of the Kindred and the Garou in the city of Vancouver, and the forces that threaten it.


From the White Wolf catalog:

In the City, In the Woods
The city of Vancouver is like no other – peace reigns between vampire and werewolf. To the Kindred, the city is a "safe haven" from the raging politics of the Damned. To the Garou, it is the site of the Great Caern, a place of spiritual brotherhood. A generation has passed in peaceful silence...
The Shadow of Treachery
...but that is about to end. The Vancouver Compact is threatened, and war looms on the horizon. An invisible enemy works to destroy all that both socieites have acheived. Something is awakening and it writhes within the city. Can Garou and Kindred overcome their rivalries and work together to prevent the city's destruction? Dark Alliance: Vancouver is a Vampire/Werewolf chronicle book detailing the people, places, and plots around Vancouver, a hotbed of Garou and Kindred unrest.


Legends of the Garou: Blood of the City, Spirit of the Forest

Chapter One: Setting

The basics of navagating Vancouver.

Chapter Two: History

The history of the Garou and Kindred presence in Vancouver.

Chapter Three: On the Margin of the Forest

Modern life with the Garou of Vancouver.

Chapter Four: And the Dead Shall Rise

Details on the politics and ways of the Vancouver kindred.

Chapter Five: Wheels Within Wheels

The complicated interactions of the Garou and Kindred, and the rough frame of "War and Peace", a campaign set in Vancouver.

Appendix: Clan Bushi

More information on the Japanese Bushi.

Background Information

This book marked on the back as part of the Werewolf line.

This book also introduced Clan Bushi, presenting them as Cainite vampires native to Japan. This was later retconned with Kindred of the East, making Bushi and Gaki kuei-jin.




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