Dark Ages Clan Novel - Lasombra
Author: David Niall Wilson
Cover Artist: John Bolton
Map: Conan Venus
Graphic Design: Kieran Yanner
Art Direction: Richard Thomas
Copyeditor: Melissa Thorpe
Publisher: White Wolf Publishing, Inc.
Imprint: White Wolf Publishing
Published: April 14, 2003
Pages: 288
Years Covered: 1206 CE
Publication #: WW 11208
Reference #: ISBN 1-58846-820-8
Online: Bullet-fiction
Price: Digital: $2.09

Dark Ages Clan Novel 5: Lasombra is a fiction novel for Vampire: The Dark Ages and Dark Ages: Vampire. This book is part of the Dark Ages Clan Novel Saga.


The Fate of the Second Rome
The situation in Constantinople has degenerated into sheer chaos, as vampires of every stripe prey on the ruined metropolis. Lucita, the young envoy of Clan Lasombra, is caught in the middle and cut off from her elders in Europe. Alone, she faces the impossible task of making the city her own, lest she become another victim in the War of Princes.



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